Friday, July 1, 2011

Bromo Volcano, super trip 2011

If there are something that I will retain from my rides on 2011,
then ultimately my trip to Bromo Volcano will be one of them.

Bromo is located on East Java, about 3 to 4 hours driving from Surabaya.
So we were 4, I am the only native Indonesian, the other are French,
somehow, one of them knows cycling route around Bromo much better than me..!

Four of us start riding around 8 in the morning,
First decent from our hotel to the caldera was the best decent I ever made,
the bikes were struggling for a grip on wet loose sands,
with riders put their body way behind the saddle....
I kept braking almost all times..
I just dont want to knock myself out on the first round

then we climb the other side of the caldera,
my lungs were working hard to cope with 2300m of altitude here,
and after few hours, we were going around the ridge of the caldera.

By noon we went down to the caldera again,
at that time the loose sand was not wet anymore,
and the wind blew those sands constantly,
passing thru this mini sandstorm,
we returned to our hotel from the other side,

This round circuit was only about 26km,
but I never, ever imagine that this "soft" sandy place
was so demanding...

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