Saturday, January 31, 2009

One day around malang

I found someone attaching another bike to the one he was riding. He rode along Celaket, going north to Belimbing.

On my latest visit to Malang, this January 09, I was lucky enough arriving there on a good weather.
I took my old United folding bike around the town. Going down from Dinoyo area to city stadium, passing across Sumbersari and military cemetery, where main universities in Malang are located. I went further to city stadium, passing Ijen street, and after joining Kayutangan, I went north.
This north-south street, Celaket and Kayutangan is the main artery of the city, the main buildings and public services are located around this axis. City public hospital and main police station, and further to south we will find post office, regency office, and also mosque and church.
In ther past, before opening of some shopping malls, this area was much more alive with shops and even some cinemas.

So I went north up Celaket road, the good thing is part of Celaket road has special lane on its most left side for slow moving vehicles including bicycles. And the lane is not too exposed to the sun by a good number of mahogany along the road.
Sure enough just like any other city in Indonesia, cyclist still need to deal with angkot ; a stop and go public vehicles, parked cars, potholes, and street vendors selling foods like bakso or soto on their charriots.
I passed 3 hours riding along, going back to my parents home in Dinoyo area taking the reverse way, arrived there noon time, folding my bike and stored it, keep it in the corner upstairs until my next visit.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

manggar bridge

I am biking again to the bridge, just like taking Sunday rituals. The bridge is about 12km from Sepinggan housing complex.
Riding my Stratos road bike, it takes about 25 minutes, on a flat road along Balikpapan east coast.
Like other area in Balikpapan, this road is getting more crowdeed, with more buildings popping up. A lot of companies supporting mining, constructions and oil & gas activities built their base-office along Manggar road, between the Airport and the bridge.
Once we reach the bridge, the area looks different. Traditionally, Manggar is fishermen homes. Local fishermen built their houses above the water, supported by wooden poles. Their boats, mostly less than 10 meter long, tied along one another below their homes. And just next to the bridge, there is a local market, selling fishes, fruits, and other daily stuffs. Some shops are playing pirated music on their 'loud' speakers.
Like my other visit to the bridge, I just go there, make 180 degree turn, take pictures and heading back home.
My remark this time is seems that the bridge is vibrating more anytime a heavy loads passing by, soon it has to be upgraded I think.

old folder

Met my old folder, UNITED, that I bought in Jogya few years back. It was single speed, with small 44T chainring, and short seatpost.
First to modify was seat post, I asked a welder to put an extension to suit my height. Second my LBS put 48T chainring and a new sealed BB on. Last modification was changing single speed freewheel to 3 speed coaster brake hub.
True those modifications cost more than the bike itself, but for me the results were satisfying.
Now this humble UNITED has enough gearing to ease my feet taking few slopes.
When I moved out from Jogyakarta to Balikpapan, I did not bring this bike with me. I left it in Jogya, but then I brought the bike to Malang, since I visit Malang more often.
And till today, whenever I am in Malang, I will be rolling around on my UNITED.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trip to Kiskendo

I made a trip to Kiskendo about 3 years ago, on one rainy day early 2006. Kiskendo is not too far from my home, about 30km to the west, but this was one steep climb I ever made around Jogya.