Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Longride Polygon Wonder

My old Polygon Wonder had been revamped,
just recently it got stem suspension,
triple chain ring, new wheel set,
and re-fit with new set of brake pads

it has been my primary bicycle for long time,
proven itself able to haul load as heavy as full cement sack,

and also covering one of the hardest ride I have ever made.
Back at the end of 2010,
just few weeks after been hospitalized for 10 days,
I rode it with my cycling buddy as far as Samarinda,
about 120km from Balikpapan,
and with my body just barely recovered,
I managed to finish on 7 hours,
including few stops for rest and changing tire tube.

A year later I got a new job,
and moved my family to another part of Balikpapan,
on my new job I am working on rotational schedule,
so I no longer commute to the office daily as previously,

but my old Polygon Wonder is still my primary bicycle,
it hauls mineral water from grocery stores,
brings my youngest daughter to her English class,
and of course for weekend ride with my buddies.

it is showing some tears and wears,
and despite new parts being put in,
there is always some squeaks somewhere,

anyhow, I will not stop riding this bike,
just because of another bike rides better,
on the contrary, I will keep riding it,
for many miles and good memorable time in the past.

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