Sunday, May 15, 2011

leisure MTB ride

In the last few months I join a group of recreational MTB riders in my
simple reason, after commuting inside city with my road bike or folding bike,
then riding on trails little bit away from city traffic is good.

The MTB that I am using is not a brand new one,
in fact it is old hardtail MTB of the club (not even mine.....),

but the bike got a decent frame, disk-brakes, and Deore combo shifter.

Most of us passed our forty already, so we are not racy rider,
only sometimes we participated in "semi competitive" event
like Le Grandeur Bike Jamboree.

Our rides mostly are on the outskirt of Balikpapan,

sometimes the track is hard, but it never long track,
longest one takes about 3 hours to finish.

The best part of our weekend ride is table in club house,
where we can have few beers before heading home.

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