Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perth, some references

To rent a bicycle in Perth is easy, I rent mine from AboutBikeHire,
their shop located at Point Fraser car parking area,
not too far from Causeway Bridge.

GPS coordinates of their shop is
E 115.87967 deg
S 31.96443 deg

Their website is .

We can rent either basic hybrid bike to go around the suburb,
or a mountain bike with associated accessories
for outing few days on Munda Biddi Track.

On their leaflet, they suggest some rides around Perth
that can be done easily on basic hybrid bike,
like Kings Park, Fremantle, Guildford or Mandurah.
Mandurah is about 45 minutes by train from Perth,
but it is easy to bring along our bicycle on train,
which is convenient if we only have limited time to go around.

Bikes and equipment for more challenging tracks are also available,
and it will be suitable for rides on Munda Biddi or John Forrest National Park.

With my limited time,
I only take a tour around Perth with basic hybrid,
and so far, this is one of the best cycling experience I ever have.

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