Friday, July 9, 2010

Cycling on Perth, a Cyclist Paradise

I have heard that cycling facilities in Perth are exceptionally good,
they have special bike lanes, rest areas, friendly traffic,
special ramps to climb up main road crossing bridge, and so on....
Hearing so much about this cycling paradise from my expatriate colleagues,
I could not resist to "run-away" from my family,
while we were visiting Perth for 2 weeks this July 2010.

First of all I was not really there for an overseas cycling trip,
I was there on Perth for family visit for 2 weeks.
However, I have to confirm what I had heard,
so I managed to sneak out from family agendas, and stole full 3 days,
only to cycling around all by myself.

What I did first of all was searching for bike shop and rental on the net.
And guess what, it was so easy to find.
AboutBikeHire is located next to causeway bridge, on Point Fraser corner,
just next to Swan River.
A nice guy called Fai, AboutBikeHire staff,
checked the weather for me and suggested me to rent for 2 days.
I paid 50AUD upfront for 2 days rental and Fai register my ID and credit card.
He also prepared a backpack for me with pumps, tire lever, punchure kit and spare tube inside.
He found me a helmet that suit my size and suit the color of the bike too.
Last thing he gave me before let me go was a combination chain lock.

So I went on without special destination,
I just follow the beatiful bike lanes around Swan River,
from Point Fraser where I took the bike from down to Mathilda Bay.

The weather was sunny and was not too cold in that day.
However, I just came from Balikpapan, hot and humid equator,
so I still need to put my jacket to survive this 15deg C perfect weather,....

I cycled slowly at my pace, stop over for taking pictures and really enjoying the sight seeing. From Mathilda Bay I went further uphill to Nedlands, and at this area I could not follow the Swan River shore anymore.
I followed the Stirling Hiway instead,
and at Cottesloe I stopped over to take coffe and sandwich.

Off the Cottesloe, still following Stirling Hwy, I passed Foster Brewery,
WW II tunnel site entrance, and finally Stirling Bridge.
Crossing the Stirling Bridge, I rejoined the bike lanes along the shore,
took another coffe at one corner next to the river,
few riders passed me on their very nice road bikes with their colorful jersey,
and continuing at my pace, about 4 pm I arrived at Canning Bridge.

My inlaws family, with whom we were staying with, is living in Applecross area.
Nobody at home at that time, and obviously I did not have any key with me.
So while waiting for someone to open the door,
I stopped over at Clancy's Bar to enjoy local beer.
And sure that was one of my classic excuses for a beer,.....

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