Saturday, January 31, 2009

One day around malang

I found someone attaching another bike to the one he was riding. He rode along Celaket, going north to Belimbing.

On my latest visit to Malang, this January 09, I was lucky enough arriving there on a good weather.
I took my old United folding bike around the town. Going down from Dinoyo area to city stadium, passing across Sumbersari and military cemetery, where main universities in Malang are located. I went further to city stadium, passing Ijen street, and after joining Kayutangan, I went north.
This north-south street, Celaket and Kayutangan is the main artery of the city, the main buildings and public services are located around this axis. City public hospital and main police station, and further to south we will find post office, regency office, and also mosque and church.
In ther past, before opening of some shopping malls, this area was much more alive with shops and even some cinemas.

So I went north up Celaket road, the good thing is part of Celaket road has special lane on its most left side for slow moving vehicles including bicycles. And the lane is not too exposed to the sun by a good number of mahogany along the road.
Sure enough just like any other city in Indonesia, cyclist still need to deal with angkot ; a stop and go public vehicles, parked cars, potholes, and street vendors selling foods like bakso or soto on their charriots.
I passed 3 hours riding along, going back to my parents home in Dinoyo area taking the reverse way, arrived there noon time, folding my bike and stored it, keep it in the corner upstairs until my next visit.

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