Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cycling around Palu

I have planned this trip few months ago,
spoiled the first attempt,
cargo mishandling in Palu airport,
so my bike was delivered to Makassar rather than Palu.

This time, everything was perfect,
I was not alone, we were 4, all of us working in Balikpapan.
Sriwijaya Air flight from Balikpapan departs at 12:40,
so four of us took half days off on Friday afternoon.

Palu is only 45 minutes flying from Balikpapan,
and the hotel arrange a car to pick us up at Palu Airport.
We stayed at Palu SwisBelhotel, located at the beach in Silae,
about 5km from Palu city center.

The weather was good, and the air was not too humid neither,
On the first day we attempted to go to Wera Waterfall,
it is only about 30km from Palu, but we did not make it all the way,
it was almost dark at the time we reached last village before waterfall.

We hired a car to brought us back to the hotel,
and we arrived at the hotel about 19:30

Next morning we were little late,
after breakfast and checking out,
we were ready to cycle to Donggala.

Our colleagues will stay in Donggala,
so we hired car from Palu to send their baggage to their cottage in Donggala.

Road was nice, it is the main trans sulawesi road.
We had to stop for almost 30 minutes since it was raining heavily,
but other than that everything was fine.
There were few moderate climbs, we did not push for speed,
we were just enjoying the scenery of hills on our left and Palu Bay on our right.

We arrived in the cottage at 11:00, there was heavy rain,
so we took a rest at cottage lounge drinking few beers.
When the rain stopped we were wondering around the beach,
and after lunch, me and Yoyok were heading back to Palu,
while our colleagues stayed in Donggala.

Me and Yoyok arrived back in Palu just before dark,
we have enough time to wandering the town,
and preparing ourself for the flight back to Balikpapan.

I made almost 150km during my visit to Palu,
and it was with all pleasure.

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