Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to Borobudur

March 2010, this month the first group ride of our cycling club was realized,
we went to Jogjakarta and cycling to Borobudur.
There were 14 of us participated in this ride, including 2 ladies.

We chose an easy route out of main traffic, and not too many climb neither.
In this trip we cycled for 46km in about 4 hours including some stops.

The participants were devided into 2 groups,
first group arrived in Jogja on 12 March,
and the second group arrive on 13 March in the morning.

I was with the second group, there were 8 of us,
taking the first flight of Batavia Air from Balikpapan to Jogja,
departing at 07:15.
Our bike was packed and registered in our bagages,
6 of us brought folding bikes, and the 2 others brought their MTBs.
The plane arrived on time at Jogja, and after recovering the baggages,
we started to re-assemble our bikes at the airport corridor !!

We left the airport on our bikes at 09:00,
cars from our hotel bringing our bags and other bagages.
Those cars were also escorting us, following our group,
all the way to Borobudur.

We rode from Jogja airport for about 8km downtown,
and met the first group at their hotel at 09:30.
Shortly after re-start from hotel we left the main road,
and following a canal known by the local as "Selokan Mataram" upstream.
We rode on the relatively smooth and quiet canal path,
with classic Javanesse countryside scenery around,
rice field - farmers - irrigation canal and water stream.

The temperature was rising quickly after 10 o'clock,
and we made some stops to take pictures and regrouping.
Some of us had problems with their bikes,
but they were "usual problems" like flat tire and loosen pedals.
We fixed those problems while others was taking rest,
and at 13:00 we arrived safely in Borobudur.

It was very hot day, and at the end,
none of us willing to cycle back to Jogja.
So after finding a restaurant for lunch,
we just sent our bikes to Jogja on one of our escort car.
Somehow, a small Suzuki pick up was enough for 14 bicycles.....
On the rest of the afternoon we made a tour inside Borobudur temple complex.

We had to find another car to bring us back to Jogja,
and it was not too difficult to find a car around Borobudur.
For 200 thousand rupiah we found extra car.
We arrived at the hotel at 18:00,
we all worn out but we all have big smiles.

Thanks to all participants
for their positive cooperation and team spirits.

Many thanks to Pambudi from Indraloka Guest House,
Jl. Cik di Tiro Jogjakarta, for arranging cars and accommodations.

And also special thanks for Bakhtiar(,
Qardian, Tonny, Yoga and Alex for sharing pictures and GPS records.

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