Sunday, January 17, 2010

Around with Balikpapan Folder buddies

It all started on end of November 09. There were a fun bike gathering,
where I met some of folding bike users in Balikpapan.

We exchanged our mails and phones numbers, and shortly after,
on Dec 18, 2009, we managed to make day trip together.
Our destination was Manggar beach, about 20km from town.

There were about 15 of us, riding various folding bikes.
we had a good time on this trip,
and at the end of the trip we made a plan for another one...
So the ball is rolling.......

On the new year day of 2010 we went to wooden village in Kampung Baru area
The houses there were build above the shallow water, on thousands of wooden piles.
They called the wood as "kayu ulin", a native borneo wood,
that known for its resistance against sea water and hot weather.

The village serves as local ports, connecting the remote villages further inside
Balikpapan Bay with the main town.
Other activities there are tradings and fishery,

On our first visit we did not have enough time to cross the bay,
we only spent few hours there,
looking around talking to local people and taking pictures,
the local fishermen showed us a big shark that they just catch

But we came back about 10 days later,
some riders were joining us on their MTB
this time we spent enough time so we can take a boat to cross the bay.
Our bikes were loaded on the wooden boat that has a noisy-noisy diesel engine.

The boat brought us to Penajam, town on the other side of the bay
and from Penajam we went to Nipah beach, crossing unfinished road,

one of our friend, Alex, logged this trip on his GPS,

The complete trip report could be seen at Alex pages :

We went back to balikpapan in the afternoon,
and everyone seems to be happy with the trip

Seeing the enhusiasm of the group, I hope this group will last
and we will continue to have another story to tell.

Thanks to all of our friends, especially Pak Mutaqqin, Alex, and

for sharing pictures and trip informations.

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