Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sungai Wain cross country ride

I rarely do a cross country with mountain bike, however, whenever
opportunity arises, I cannot refuse to participate in cross country

The latest opportunity came on 28 June 09, it was a cross country ride
around Sungai Wain area, about 20 km outside Balikpapan.

In general, the track was not too hard, not too hilly, and at that
time it was relatively dry too. It was about 11 km ride around Sungai
Wain forrest park, and all participants were able to finish the ride

I managed to finish at moderate timing using my "semi" mountain bike.
I said so since my Polygon Premier is a ladies version, with twisted
grip shifter, and equipped with touring tire 26 x 1.5".
To help me climbing, the chain ring had been modified, from 48-38-28 to 42-32-22.
We were 6 in our group, using various mountain bikes, from a simple
basic hardtail bike like mine, to advance full suspension bike like Specialized.

About 200 people were participating in that ride, and at finish line we were
welcomed by singers, food stalls, and various prizes.
One of our colleagues even won one of the doorprizes and got another bike.
So we went home happily at mid-day with more bicycles on the pick-up truck....

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