Friday, February 13, 2009

inside cars, 1

Here are some pics of my old 20" UNITED folder, inside Suzuki Wagon R, locally known as Suzuki Karimun.
We can see that by just folding the frame in the main hinge, this United folder can fit inside the car. The seatpost and steering post can stay as it is, no need to retract them in. However, the handlebar of this United model is integrated with the post, in a form of a welded T bar. So to avoid the handlebar touching car's backdoor, the steering post need to be folded too.

Some accessories installed on steering post, like handlebar bag and bottle cage, need to be oriented properly to avoid interference while folding.

The other way to do this is to rotate the steering post, so the handlebar will be more or less paralel to the frontwheel axis. But I prefer to fold the steering post since aligning the handlebar wil take longer time once the bike is unfolded.
It is not too dificult to fit a 20" folder inside Karimun, in overall it takes about 1 minute, and the car will be ready to go.
Good thing about this old Karimun, 2002 model, is that it has enough height to accomodate the bicycle.

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